Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I purchase tickets?
A: All ticket sales will be provided online by Eventbrite. Click the “Tickets” tab on our website to purchase directly.
Q: I don’t trust technology or the worldwide web. Can I buy tickets in person?
A: Yes, tickets are available for purchase from any member of the Summerville Bears’ Quarterback Club.
Q: What does my ticket get me?
A: One low entry fee gets you admittance to the festival, a snazzy wristband (keep it on – only those with wristbands may be on the festival grounds), a sampling glass, live music, and all the samples you care to enjoy during the time the taps are open.
Q: Is food included with my ticket?
A: No, but food will be offered by various vendors on a pay-per-item basis. CASH ONLY.
Q: Can tickets be purchased at the door?
A: Yes, tickets are available to purchase at the gate. VIP Tickets will be $60, General Admission will be $50, and Designated Driver Tickets will be $15.
Q: Can we bring lawn chairs and/or blankets to watch the live music?
A: Yes, we encourage you to bring chairs. Low back chairs are preferred, but you may bring high back chairs as long as you sit in the back area.
Q: The weather looks like it will be hot. Is there a shaded area?
A: Yes, there will be large shade tents to make sure no one overheats. In addition, we will be providing industrial fans and misting systems.
Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?
A: Bottled water is permitted as long as it is a plastic bottle, but NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED.
Q: Is there a dress code?
A: No specific dress code will be enforced, but NO WEAPONS will be allowed.
Q: Are kids allowed?
A: No, this event is 21 & over only. You must show your ID at the door.
Q: I don’t have kids, but I have a dog. I’d keep him on a leash and he’s never caused any problems. Surely, he’s allowed?
A: As much as we love hairymouths, there are NO DOGS OR OTHER ANIMALS ALLOWED at the festival or campgrounds.
Q: I purchased tickets, but now I can’t go. Can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately, the Terms Of Agreement that required your acceptance to purchase your tickets clearly state there will be NO REFUNDS. All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the Summerville Bears’ Quarterback Club.