The Westside Tribute Band Brew Fest

First of all we’d like to thank everyone for the support we’ve received over the years for the Westside Tribute Band Brew Fest. We have enjoyed bringing a high quality fun event to our community the past four years.

After many gut wrenching weeks it has become clear to the us that the COVID pandemic has made it impossible for us to host the Westside Tribute Band Brew Fest this summer. Even if we figured out a way to social distance the event, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department will not issue a permit for such an event. Without the permit, we cannot enlist breweries, obtain insurance or get other commitments we need to make the Brew Fest happen. We thought about moving the date to later in the summer but due to a variety of conflicts this will not work for us. Bottom line, as much as we hate to say it, the 2020 Westside Tribute Band Brew Fest is cancelled.

That said, be on the lookout early next year for details on the 2021 Westside Tribute Band Brew Fest. We promise to bring the Brew Fest back bigger and better than ever – more breweries, more music, more cornhole, more food and a lot more fun!! It will be a party you won’t forget! Keep us in mind and we will let you know the details as we get closer.

For those who’ve already purchased Brew Fest tickets, we are working with Eventbrite to have them refund your money. Please work through the Eventbrite page to get your refund. If you have any trouble please reach out to us at and we will ensure you receive your refund.

So until 2021, stay safe, stay healthy and we will see you on the other side of all this craziness!

Thank you for all your support,

Bears Quarterback Club